Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 2 Elko, Nevada to Saratoga, Wyoming

well i’m writing this from a small town called Saratoga Wyoming on the Platte river. It is a terrific little town! restaurants and inns and small and really beautiful. it has a mineral hot springs and its free. and man is it ever hot!! people look like lobsters when they get out. i needed it after driving all day. the springs are open 24/7 so i’ll go again tomorrow in the am. I’m camping out tonight on Lake Saratoga. really beautiful and not crowded. I’m eating now and writing this. I can’t believe this li’l town has internet connectivity all over the place!! I got to write fast because it is getting dark and i got to set up my tent. it was too windy before to be able to do it.

I drove over 500 miles today. through Nevada and a little bit of Utah and a lot of Wyoming. Salt Lake city is beautiful. stopped in for a while and got out. drove through to Wyoming. it is really beautiful. wide open west. I took video of the trip of the clouds and the road. and the side of the road. and the trains and the beautiful light. American is such a magnificent country. saw antelope eating grasses on the desert, saw some nice birds and saw a couple of white pelicans on the lake by my campsite.

tomorrow its on to Laramie and then into Nebraska. will give you more details of this day some time soon.