Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 6 Cleveland, Ohio to Cold Spring, NY

I was glad I spent a little time in Cleveland before hitting the road. I went through Lakewood again with my camera shooting video of the grand houses that line its streets and then to downtown to have one last look at the beautiful buildings, stadiums and statues that inhabit the area. I then hit the road and I made it. No accidents. The Prius 4 made it like a champ. As for me I'm tired from somewhat blistering trip across America. I have to admit this was the most difficult driving day for me. I was starting to get tired and grouchy. Pennsylvania seemed to go on forever. If I should do this again and needed to get back quickly I would add one more day to the trip and make the last day not quite as long. So for the quick trip I would make it 6.5 days not 5.5. Whatever, I'm in NY!

The highlight of this day was arriving in Cold Spring, NY.
The Hudson Valley is by far the most beautiful spot on this day because it is a second home to me right now. Someday it will be my first home as I own land here. For those who have never visited Cold Spring its a great destination for a little stroll down Main Street for great little antique stores, little restaurants and a great little typical classic pizza place, Cold Spring Pizza. Just the pizza nothing else man. A walk down Main to the Hudson River for great views of West Point and Storm King Mountain which is right across the river. Rent a kayak. If your more into hiking find a trailhead inland or walk a part of the Appalachian trail. Some nice lakes in the area. Garrison Institute, some terrific summer Shakespeare, Hudson Valley light etc etc etc etc...Near the river there are great hikes up the mountain to the east of 9D North. overlooking the river. Relatively short and just beautiful views. Some good spots along the river for swimming.

The way back West in 2 weeks will be more of an adventure in that my son and I will stop and spend time in various parts of the south and southwest. He's a musician. A young one. Just 10. I want him and myself to hear some music along our way back west. So we're taking the southern route through Virginia, Monticello,Nashville and Memphis area for music. Instead of taking the 5 and a half days this took me getting here, we are going to be cross country for a 10-16 days on the road,in the hybrid. We are very fortunate to be able to do this. We shall try and make our itinerary worth our time and money.

'Take it easy, but take it"-Woody Guthrie