Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 27 Memphis,Tennessee

We've been hard travelin' and haven't had the time to do any blogs for a long time. This is no exception. I just wanted to shoot this off before we hit the road to Oklahoma City. I will be completing this blog when I get home.

A quick blog for y'all to see a couple of images of last nights Memphis adventure. I got Benny to 'audition' for one of the greatest of Memphis groups, The Masqueraders. These guys have been playing for over 30 years and are one of the best groups in America. Stardom doesn't mean selfishness and narcissism. These guys were happy to give Benny a shot and Benny before the show showed the gents some really hot boogy woogy blues piano. He blew them out of the water! Not only did they give us a welcome but called Benny up in the middle of their first set to play. So Benny had a full house full of real Memphis audience to play to. He rose to the occasion and rocked out the house! He must've played for ten minutes. Later at the end of the show he was called up yet again for an encore to the cheers of some Alabama students who joined him on stage to the tunes of 'Roll Over Beethoven'. I video'd the whole show and will be combining with Masqueraders to make a promo for them. Who knows, we (Jean,Benny and I) might have to come back to Memphis to get additional footage. By the way, The Masqueraders put on a superb professional transcendent show. It was truly mesmerizing.