Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 28, Memphis to Oklahoma City

We hit the road hard and early leaving Memphis around 7am. The most moving moment is when we crossed the bridge over the Mississippi River into Arkansas. Because of the rain we didn't stop to go down to the river as we had planned. We vowed though to return someday and spend more time on Americas great river next time. From that bridge crossing the Mississippi it sure looked like a great river. A vein nourishing our country with fresh 'blood'.

We travelled a few hours through a fairly considerable rain storm and as the skies were clearing we detoured a few miles off I-40 to Little Rock, Arkansas for needed sustenance, landing on the shores of the Arkansas River by the art museums and Clinton library. We had a great breakfast and walked the farmers market which was right there. After a few weeks on the road all these fresh fruits and vegetables looked really good. Those blackberries were the most beautiful I've ever seen. Really large.
A long haul on the road and our two stalwart travellers without complaint reach their desired destination, Oklahoma City. And yes it does look 'oh so pretty'. I thought about going to a more upscale hotel sometime on this journey and figured if I was going to get a good price for a great room OK City would be a good place to try. My taste is for older hotels and I zeroed in on a downtown one called the Colcord rather than a sterile Sheraton. This hotel is privately owned and I like to get away whenever I can from 'chains' whenever I can. With our luck we were not only able to get a room as the hotel was not busy this weekend but one on the top floor, the 12th. Superb views of Oklahoma and surroundings. What a luxurious hotel, marble bathroom, really nice sheets on the bed and we got it for Super 8 motel prices! What a cool room we had.