Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 7,8 Providence, Rhode Island

My darling wife, Jean has made this whole trip possible. She not only is helping finance my son's cross country summer but she is lending us her car! The Prius. Without it and her help this journey would not be possible. She is both lovely, giving and a loving mother and wife. Jean's sister, Judy has a daughter, Sarah, is getting married to a great guy, Seamus. Check out the mansion they got married in. A stunning 1896 place now a public park. I have video of the interiors but what a perfect place for a wedding. And let me tell you, the food was really good, a step or two above the usual catered stuff they shovel at you. Providence is a beautiful town with water and coastline and bridges everywhere! Yet another confirmation that no matter where you go in this country there is great natural and man made beauty to be found.

My son Benny was happy to see a supermarket chain named after him, in cool neon.