Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 9,10 Martha's Vineyard

A 1 hour 20 minute car ride out of Providence and you get to the ferry at Woods Hole, Mass for a 45 minute boat ride to Martha's Vineyard. Lucky for us my wife is good friends with someone who owns a home here. Otherwise you'd have to pay through the schnozzola to afford a place here. This has become a playground for the very wealthy, sending real estate through the stratosphere. However one can get to Martha's Vineyard without even taking a car, just a bicycle and pedal around this most beautiful island. Gorgeous fragile ocean beaches are restricted to residents only. There are some public beaches. Lucky for us we were able to swim in the Atlantic, still a little chilly, but let me tell you, soaking in that ocean has been a baptism. Blessed are our oceans, may we protect them from harm so that life within and on its coastline may flourish. Nothing for me is quite as refreshing this hot day as a salt water swim.

Prices for food are even higher here than the mainland (they're high there already!). EVERYTHING has to be shipped here except the few farms here. This is a very worthy place for a trip. Get out of town, bring some of your own food. There is not a strip mall or a McDonalds nowhere. no neon. no commercialism except in a few places restricted places. This is my kind of paradise.

I'll have some more pics, but here are some prelims. the sunlight through that cloud is a thunderhead.